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Content Wizard Critique For Blogging And Content Management

Written on July 31, 2011 – 7:05 pm | by Guru

Virtually all IM marketers make the most of automating their processes whenever possible. If you happen to be experienced, then you understand all about the little monotonous and boring process involved with IM. Also, employing automation is an outstanding use of leverage that will save us a lot of time. We need to market and create traffic every day, depending on what you need to do, and getting more time is equal to making more money. Today we provide a review of Leslie Bogaerts’ Content Wizard Wordpress plugin. Content Wizard is a great little application that packs plenty of power in the form of benefits and features. Leslie not too long ago upgraded Content Wizard for autoblogging, and that is not the only upgrade she has performed.

If you have a blog, even only one, then you know how time consuming they can be. A simple blog post may involve creating new pages or categories, writing tags, working with SEO plugins, and other things. On the front end, you are able to post content with just one mouse click with Content Wizard. Just something you can do is choose the categories where your posts will appear. So that means you will not just be posting to where ever, and you will know your posts are going where they ought to be.

Yes, naturally there is a great deal more to Content Wizard in terms of benefits. The vast majority of blog owners count on search engine rankings for traffic. You can automate one element of your on page SEO with the tag addition to posts function. We are uncertain how that ability will integrate with your SEO related plugins, to be fair. So that could be something we are certain Leslie can shed some light on.

For content management automation you will find several neat benefits available. Certainly you will have the ability to schedule all future postings according to time and date. Leslie has already recently upgraded Content Wizard plugin for autoblogging. There are tons of people who use autoblogging and also create them for flipping.

If you’re drawn to using PLR material, or articles, then there is something here for you, too. This plugin will allow you to add that special uniqueness to your PLR articles for requirements of search engine optimizing. Truthfully, you may wish to proceed with caution due to the possible human review element to this issue.

There are no annoying restrictions put on you with Content Wizard because you will have an unlimited usage license. Totally free lifetime upgrades that is pretty standard for a great deal of plugins and software, but it is nice to have. For site flippers, you can sell off sites that contain this plugin - so that is a pretty nice feature. If you have a blog building enterprise, you won’t need to purchase a developers license.

For anyone who is looking into IM Mentors bonus you might like to consider investing in a product like IM Mentors. At the very least you ought to take a look at a good IM Mentors review to understand what folks are saying about it.

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